Choosing Your Arena Size, Style, and Other Add-Ons

You have many options when designing your covered arena. We will help guide you in the choice of the arena width and length.  Below is an example of the dimensions  for different arena uses.  It’s important to not over-build your space, which only increases cost.

It’s also important to note that it is more expensive to add space by increasing width to a structure than to increase by length.  To be wider, the structural steel must be up-sized to handle the increased span.  Keep this in mind when choosing your arena size.

Arena Widths by use


You also need to consider your desired arena style.  You have the option to go with:

  • Fully Enclosed – Recommended for areas with cold winters and mild summers.  This can be insulated for extra protection against the elements. Roll-up or slide doors are available for this building choice.
  • Eyebrow & Skirtwall –  Recommended for areas with cold to mild winters and all-climate summers.  This style of arena allows for the use of wind/sun screens to block wind, rain, and snow, but that can also be opened up to allow for good air flow during the hot months of summer.   Roof insulation is effective for heat reduction.  Swing doors or gates work well with this design choice.
  • Eyebrow ( sheeted gable) – Recommended for areas with mild Winters and All-Climate Summers.  The sheeted gable design is attractive and blocks mid-morning and afternoon sun. Roof insulation is effective for heat reduction.
  • Open Arena – Recommended for mild climate areas or sun shade in hot regions.  This arena style keeps the rain off of your riding area for safety and comfort and year-round dry ground to work in.

Arena Styles

Another Option to consider are Roof Extensions and Lean-To’s

Using these two methods for creating extra space in your facility improves functionality while saving money on the structure, overall.

The clear span is more expensive to build than adding space as shown below.   To help keep cost down and to ensure an accurate quote, be sure to indicate the size of the arena needed separate from the additional space needed.

Options to add space include:

Roof Extensions- Follows the same line as the main roof for a seamless style.  Add stables, storage, return alleys, spectator areas, offices, etc.  All are under one roof! Saddle up and ride without leaving your facility.   Fully sheeted as shown below.  Continue the same design as the arena or leave open on the walls and construct roof only.

Lean-To’s – Add covered space to the sides or end walls of your arena.  This space can be used for the same purpose as a roof extension or for stock pens, staging areas, covered porches and equipment storage.

Roof Extensions and Lean tis