Building Covered Horse Arenas

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If you can make your livings doing something that you enjoy, then it’s not so much like work.  Most of our clients feel the same way working in the horse, ranch or rodeo industry.  The key personnel at Ranch and Golf have already made their mark in the construction industry.  Even though we have great diversity to handle other types of construction projects, we choose to specialize in equestrian facilities.  We don’t “dabble” in building arenas & barns… it’s what we do.

Our business is not based volume of sales, nor do we want it to be.  Every job is a project to us in which we involve ourselves in to a great degree.  It is the best method to enable us to do the job right.  We take care when designing a facility because we want our clients to be satisfied with the end product.  We are constantly researching the best products and keeping our knowledge of such honed so that we can answer questions intelligently and help with the decision process.  Even though we make recommendations for products & features, we are not bound by any particular manufacturer if the client has other preferences.

Enjoying what we do

and the relationships we develop

We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers.  We welcome any & all questions before, during and after the construction process.  Some builders prefer the customer to have limited involvement in the construction process…  We encourage them to be involved.  Working together with our clients enables us to establish a favorable & friendly relationship.  That type of association with our customers not only makes the process more enjoyable, but is what sells the majority of our projects.  Our services and attitude is what set us apart from the rest…

ranch-and-golf-building-03We respond quickly no matter what the request.  We supervise every job personally. We will even consult on phases not contracted by us.  We enjoy working with folks in the equestrian industry, they are some of the nicest people in the country.  We enjoy seeing America and the beautiful farms & ranches that we work on.  We Enjoy seeing our customer’s pride when the addition of one of our facilities enhances their land.

We enjoy what we do… Plain & Simple